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take care of your jewellery


As you do for your body, clothes and home please take care of your Jewellery.


Stones are one of the strongest materials on earth but each one of them has a different resistance. 

(Diamond for instance is the hardest stone on the scale of Mose, however it can break and be scratched just as any other precious stone.)


Keep your jewellery away from oils, creams, perfumes, hairspray, detergents and sand as much as  possible as they may damage the stone over time


Gold is the best conductor for the energies the stones behold, however you should be aware it is  precious, pure but also soft, be aware that scratches may appear.


Try not to immerse opals in water.


Just as physical care, your jewelry should be purified every month to get rid of any unwanted vibes. If you are not familiar with purification, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Illuminate your soul with the highest powers of each gemstone.

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