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Purify & energize


All minerals present on Earth have powerful energies thanks to the natural elements ( fire- water -earth - air) accumulated throughout their millions years formation.


Crystals have been used for centuries by men to access inner wisdom and  innate clairvoyant powers. 


Their energies resonates with our heart, soul and body.


Wearing one of those gifts of nature, allowing it to resonate with our own energies and letting it assist our healing efforts make evident that crystals undoubtedly have powers, even if it means triggering our own healing abilities.


Through their reflective surface they project clairvoyance  in our physical, mental and emotional body. They support our intentions and energies 


Each and every KALA gemstone and jewellery piece is carefully purified and re-energized by Alexandra.


By wearing your very own KALA Jewel , you will enjoy the fresh and vibrant energy of the gemstone.

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