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by wearing Kala, you dress yourself with unique and authentic vibes

Who is Kala


Kala was created, imagined and founded by Alexandra de Lange.

Alexandra, nicknamed as Kala by her closest family members is a Belgian yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

In her early 20’s, after graduating from business school and landing a fancy job in fashion, life invited her to jump out of her comfort zone. Alexandra left her home country to travel the world and open her eyes, heart and mind the beauties of African countries, where she lived for a few years before settling in the Dubaï desert city that she now calls home.


She has always been fascinated by the art, beauty, powers and energies crystals behold.  However, She is deeply convinced that aesthetic beauty is nothing without a deep meaning.


Kala was born from a creative meditation practice where the desire of uniting consciousness, chic, uniqueness and meaning into one story came as a clear evidence.


The desire to re-use, transform, purify and re-energize old  stones into upcycled, chic timeless talismans became for Alexandra a new path of expression. 


Travelling the world, she undertook several training courses in gemology and symbology that developed her knowledge about gems and their spiritual meanings. 


To Alexandra,  Kala is not only a brand but a purpose and a passion to share with others what illuminates her soul.


What do we do and why?

From pre-loved stones to freshly energized gems,  Kala is a meaningful label that offers unique, and conscious pieces of jewellery to illuminate your soul.


Just as every crystal’s light, your soul is unique.

Let your inner light shine through the moments life offers you. 

Every jewel is designed with love and intention and is unique in order to become a part of your identity. A talisman of your personal history.

un-compromised quality & authenticity

Curated and created with love by Alexandra


All of Kala’s jewelry is made of 18kt gold, precious & semi-precious gems. 


All our up-cycled pieces are reset into 18kt gold with the most attention to detail. All the pieces are handcrafted and therefore unique. 


Each Piece is carefully selected and responds to the following criteria : Vintage stones and jewellery have to benefit from good quality gemstones, be Authentic  and have a vibrant energy.


Her eye for detail ensures a high-end selection of the most beautiful gemstones and vintage pieces. All of her pieces are verified, cleaned, purified & re-energized.

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